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Every Child deserves to be healthy, happy and receive education. Let us work together to achieve this universally.


"Every Child is special, unique and has the right to realise his or her own potential to the fullest. We are a dedicated team of passionate individuals, both professionals as well as volunteers, engaged in the sole pursuit of improving the quality of life of children, ensuring their good health, welfare as well as proper development. We take a firm stand on the basic rights of children, their right to education, a balanced and nutritious diet, proper hygiene, health care services, sanitation facilities, and most of all, to attend their need to be loved and taken care of."

Every Effort Counts

At SSF Children, we employ a very simple as well as straightforward policy, wherein we lay emphasis on the fact that when it comes to a noble cause such as child health and welfare, no effort is too small. Like little drops of water form a magnanimous ocean, similarly, if each one of us take a small step in this direction, it will account for an overall big change, and brighten up the lives of several future generations to come. Everything starts with the first step, and we have taken the initiative of taking this first step, and now we expect you to join hands and march with us collectively for achieving the best results. 

Fight against Malnutrition

Did you know that malnutrition affects more than sixty percent of the children in the entire world? The fight against malnutrition is a well-intended fight for the betterment of child health. While many of us do not even give a single thought before throwing food, several economically repressed families are not even able to make two ends meet, and so many children who are born and brought up in such conditions end up sleeping on an empty stomach. This leads to a large number of nutrient deficiency diseases like Anaemia, Rickets, Scurvy, Night Blindness and so on. So take a stance against malnutrition by joining us in our fight against malnutrition today!

Free Vaccination Campaign

It is said that Prevention is better than cure. When it comes to protecting children against deadly, chronic and life-threatening diseases, vaccination plays a remarkably important role in this realm, and therefore it is considered as something which is mandatory for all children. This is the reason why for a particular set of diseases, free vaccination campaigns are pioneered by the government, and SSF Children is largely involved in mobilizing resources, spreading awareness and streamlining free vaccination campaigns, in order to protect young children against a host of dreaded diseases like Diphtheria, Whooping Cough, Polio, Typhoid, Small Pox, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and so on. To find out more about our free vaccination campaigns or to participate in this noble cause, please feel free to get in touch with us. 

Stop Child Abuse and Trafficking


We are launching a full fledged campaign against the twin evil practices of abuse and trafficking, which are the biggest form of injustice to children across the world. Raise your voice against child abuse and trafficking by registering with our Volunteer Task Force For Child Rights now!

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Read some of the feedback that our admirers have shared about us!

Lucy Parsons
Omni Tech Solutions

I think SSF Children is taking very important initiatives for the overall health care, wellness and development of children irrespective of their nationality. This is truly one of the premier cross-border child care and development agencies that I have come across.

Bailey Frost
Parts America

SSF Children has been instrumental in several vital vaccination programmes involving the children aged below 10 years of age, and its volunteers have helped the government in providing free vaccinations to all children in the particular age group.

Kieran Barlow
Purity Supreme

Kudos to the efforts of SSF Children and all its team members for being so committed and involved towards the prime cause of child welfare and child health from a universal perspective, over a consistent period of time.
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A Healthy Child is a Happy Child. Join our Volunteer Support Force today!
A Healthy Child is a Happy Child. Join our Volunteer Support Force today!
A Healthy Child is a Happy Child. Join our Volunteer Support Force today!